The best interior design ideas for your living room


The key for your most seen common spaces should always be exploring routes to make those rooms feel one-of-a-kind. Make your living room interior design all the more memorable and unique with an interestingly shaped chaise lounge that does double duty while adding an enviable sense of comfort and warmth.


While they haven’t been in vogue for quite sometime there’s something intriguing about the new mobiles our interior designers have been seeing at industry trade shows the world over since the last couple of years. And when it comes to richly layered and beautifully realized living room decor, a statement-making silhouette is sure to punctuate a room.

While the graphic mobile highlighted above is large in scale, when it comes to your own living room decor ideas, you can bring in just about any size mobile you’d like, just be sure that it flows with the rest of the room rather than work as a sight of distraction.


When it comes to small living room interior design, going tonal is a great way to make the area appear larger, more defined, and best of all, it makes decorating your living room much easier as there is less room for error.

That said, be sure that you opt for a color that is timeless and one that you see yourself admiring for a long while and pair it away with colors relatively close on the color wheel for a rich and dynamic living room.


Add some brooding sophistication to your living room decor by introducing darker hues that are easier to keep clean and opt for more intimate, darker lighting to keep the feel cozy and luxurious.


Notice how the room featured here though chock full of furnishings in various prints and patterns, would come off as a tad bland due to its very tight color edit without that oversized abstract painting anchoring it.

And because everything doesn’t need to match, create a diversified living room interior design by playing with opposites and different elements to make the room pop. We love that the artwork also highlights how traditional the furniture is rather than playing it all down.


If you’re short on space or are on the hunt for a totally unique path to beautifully realized living room decor, who says you must have a standard coffee table?

As unusual living room decor ideas often make for the most memorable of spaces, skip out on the requisite coffee table and opt for a smart alternative like an easily movable ottoman with plenty of extra storage concealed within it.


By now you probably know that every room can use the benefit of mirrors as they make a room instantly feel larger, brighter, and more glamorous. But when it comes to a chic living room design, our interior designers suggest sourcing unique mirrors that will make the room stand out.

From mirrored shutters to a mirrored screen, there are plenty of unique mirrors you can bring in that boast a one-of-a-kind feel about them.


Sure, the living room interior design pictured above comes off as a tad heavy-handed and busy, but there’s something to be said about the enviable harmony infused throughout to take note of.

When it comes to creating a lush living room that feels warm and inviting, stray away from the rigidity often found in showrooms and create layers of furnishings and decor for a truly lived in look.


Add a sense of warm maximalism in your living room design by taking cues from the forever-charming Memphis era design movement made popular during the heyday of 80’s maximalism.

Think playful silhouettes, exaggerated color, and abstract prints and patterns in small doses to conjure a similar mood and sense of play. Just remember to keep it as modern and stripped down as you can to avoid your living room coming off as inspired by a Taco Bell.


When it comes to impeccable living room decor, think outside of the room as well. If you can see inside your living room from other areas in your home think about how they work with one another in terms of design and styling to keep the flow consistent.


For another take on living room design that no one else will have, think about not only covering or painting your walls but think about what you can do to make your ceiling make a statement.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, mirrors are essential in any room, plus they can be sourced affordably to boot. For an elevated living room interior design that’s bouncing with light, bring in as many unique mirrored surfaces as you can for high-shine everyday elegance while making the room appear larger.


With minimalism finally starting to lose momentum in the interior design world, explore stylish ways you can add much-needed visual interest in your living room design while making it unique to your home.

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